Saturday, March 15, 2008

The "Mamak"song........

Will You Marry Me To Be My Roti Canai?!

If you be my roti,I Will be your dhal curry.

Your eyes makes a person hungry and your nose is full of mee.

Your sweat is like roti planta to me,your breath smells like roti bawang.

Your love to me is exactly like how they make thandoori chicken to me.

Every sight of you makes me hungry.

When you cry,I give you roti tissue.

The back of my naan makes you feel guilty.

When you are sad,my curry taste so salty.

Every part of me wants to make you happy.

When you let go your cooking gas,it smells like roti telur to me.

During the night after marry,I will let you taste my first roti pisang and give me your first chapatti.

I will bang you like how they make roti canai to me.

You will be drinking limau ais without sugar.

And i will be having your chapatti with full of curry.

Your kiss feels like sambal to me and your hair taste like maggi goreng to me.

Your roti bom looks so tempting to me.

Please let me hug and feel your roti bom like a real water bom to me.

When my roti pisang meet your chapatti,We will make a roti Johny.

Let our roti John feel our warm roti canai and dhal curry.

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