Wednesday, April 27, 2011


In this earthly world there's all kind of LOVEs running around for human to seek for!

mainly there's GOD's love, parent love for their children, partner love for a lifetime, friendship love, etc.

i have few of them! For now to be honest i searching for love! is that hard to seek for LOVE?

besides that i guess mainly i should focus on my studies, basketball, health, family, GOD and lastly seek for a girlfriend!

i remember once a friend told me, you can't get a G.F izzit because your own problem?? i think and think and think, i guess desperate makes that wrong move! but i tried many many many moves but still check mate! anyone can guide me in the way to get one??

to make someone to love you is easy, but to maintain the relationship would be a ? there!

there's involve of time, money, family, love, etc.

i have no confident on what i'm doing now.... as getting elder and elder in some sort older than the younger years.... problems and difficulties occur no matter how beautiful your moves is.....

just hope that what i'm going for is the right one that i would worth spending time for......

enough of that headache question!

i remember once a trainer told me! everyone born as a zero but somehow if you find the right path you'll be a HERO!

i'm now number 0 but somehow i want to become a HERO!!!!


Monday, April 18, 2011

what a **** day.....

today morning heavy rain, woke up late and stomach ache! orh~ reached college crazy copying those worksheet that need to be done tomorrow!! go student center and ask for the outsanding amount! wth~ RM4000+ somemore..... add one repeat engineering math.... RM1000 Rm5000+ seriously GG...... as i stated the previous post, my family financial is in critical situation argh~!!

reached home kena shoot..... by mom! one minor subject failed i kena kao kao! only one wei~ but still failing is not good, but what to do fizik aku mana ada ambil dekat sekolah leh??

why can't she think her son pass all major subjects and got few A's on the major?? when i get A nothing comes from my parent's mouth.... but once failed...... i kena gao gao!

she asked me , why don't study well everyday go out until late at night?? Go yum cha , Go lepak geng.... ask you to study than go out! everytime like that sure fail larh......

what a good mom that always encourage me this way!

her son go out and have competition , got prizes nothing comes from her also...... all medals that her sons got for these years during secondary...... nothing to say bout it! But result keep on saying ...... My spm not weak also moderate what..... why she will not encourage me on sport that i like, things that i do...... and keep on telling me , u should study??

Izzit for my own good?? i know study is good and got educated is so freaking important but think again, what his son like?? i can bet to the reader that read my blog..... my mom don't even know what i like!

only studies? what about health?? what i love to become?? i like to be slim and healthy..... she says i'm getting bigger and stoping me to go to the gym! if anyone can join gym for 6 months and slim down and get a perfect body and lose all the fats....... in the mean time only go gym for 4 days a week, less outdoors, church [stress] i really like to meet him! at the meantime, your surrounding[mom] keep on asking you in the morning once you wake up, where should we had our breakfast?? after college, where u want to have lunch?? after evening nap what time you want to have dinner??

not to say my mom not good, not caring! but she doesn't surpport me on my diet and keep on asking me to eat! finish it will make her happy..... of cause, the hard work and the love in the meal is priceless!! and by all mean i need to finish it! and one day she ask me, y u go gym like didn't get slimmer one??

and i replied her, because ur cooking's awesome! she say dn't eat so much larh~!!

i know in our family situation now is all stress and pressure, but i jest want to let her know, i'm no more a kid! i go for gym, i go for basketball, i go for church, i go for yum cha, i go for drinking..... and i still study at home after those things and sometime i still read back what i've studied last time!

sometimes i'm thinking before i being killed by my bed, i don't ever hold on a book and study! but now i'm doing it.....what should i say?? last time my shoulder already heavy but now there' few more weights had added on it!

i don't know how long more i can hold on to it! i really need someone to support me!

Our distance is getting further and further..... i don't know how you would help me when comes to trouble time! i have no face to seek for you when i'm in trouble.... thanks for all the blessing that you had shower upon us for all these years!

although my parents not supporting me in front but i know they are the one doing the hard work behind.... after all what i got to say it.... father and mother ....

...I LOVE YOU...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

a time of the dead to rise.....

After half a year finally m back to blogging! Blogging is really fun where you can view your previous updates and think back those happy or sad experience^^

well after for so long, growing up to be a young adult, many things in live i encounter is beyond what i think or dream for! To fight for your dream is harder than getting a life partner! But people do say if you would to willingly take a step to fight for your dream you're on the way to success!!

Being a kid, can sleep .... play .... have fun ..... but geting elder i found out that many things in my life included friend,family,character,politics, etc.

Me and my Family had a strong war few months back, because of my studies, safety, financial, and being a party boy i guess! My family in financial crisis, spending need to have a wise choice, spend not too much in a month! try to save some! No more partying, no more outstation and no more travelling..... petrol price is increasing and well myvi is a car where had big appetite!

Friends, there good and bad friends around me...... few good friend of mine being really good to me and they are always there to support me and encourage me! define bad is friends that betray me..... just one or two of them but still the feeling is not good! Btw take this chance to apologize to Justin & Angeline for the wrong move..... although is nothing but i didn't kept my mouth well so ..... yeah sorry^^

Character? i have no idea, there people i don't like... there's people i like! there's people don't like being together with me, some friend love being together with me! Some screw up and ended up sucked up! well still life goes on....

Politic?? no comment!

well for the first and not last post...... the huge guy a.k.a joel tazzy tasmanian lee says take care, all the best and keep rockin^^