Sunday, May 23, 2010


Everyone knew that badminton recently had a 4 years once Thomas-Uber cup that held at Bukit Jalil Putra Stadium!! nvm, end of badminton fever.... And guess what guys?!

It's TIME 4 .....

South Africa will host this time's Fifa world cup!! And Spain would be the country i support the most in this year's world cup!! secondly is the historical country that got many Fifa world cup before!! with the yellow jersey i proudly present BRAZIL......

i support this two team 'gao-gao'....^^

enough of craps and i just had my football match with Kenn FC.... we played well today and just lag of some team work!! we lost 4-3!! but it's a good game!! i love this game!! i started to have a chance to play in second half!! this is just the 3rd macth i'm playing for Kenn FC..... the this 3 match would be the first 3 match in big field.... i never played big feild seriously!! but now, i gonna master it!!!^^

well, towards my industrial training i have nothing much to talk about!! just tired and tension!!

and my relationship life?? i viewed her blog a while ago!! and i'm doubting whether that lucky guy is me or someone else?? she knew that i treat her good!! treat her well..... as i said before, i'll do my very best to conquer all the waves that is cuming up!! and i'll try my best to become a very responsible boyfriend!! no one's perfect.... i can do 90% of it where that 10% is really hard to reach!!

no doubt there will be many problems and trouble comes up if we both were together but if we both willing to step out and solve the problem... than there is no problem!! nothing is unsolveble just whether you willing to solve it by HEART~

i hope she will one day tell me..... Zheng Hong , you're that lucky guy i'm talking about~

it's time to get a good night rest,
after a 40 minute football game!
it's really really tired where you run up and down a few times in big football field....

God bless Me,
God bless Mua Family,
God bless Mua Friend,
God bless Malaysia.

Good Night Folks...^^

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


this is mua new football boot!! it's PREDITO time!!^^

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Even my mood is ... down,down.down.down,down...

Coming back to blogging is really making me to think of all those happy time and those hard time that I had ever encounter!!

So talk about my life currently, I’m blessed in many ways… so what can I say to have more blessing in my life…. After working as a foreman for 3 months… our relationship had drag further and further….. you helped me a lot… but what I do for you?? I didn’t even spend time for you…. Don’t even care anything or any ‘GOOD’ advise….. I know that it’s had to say sorry to you!! Cause I’m a human!! I want my pride!! I had once put it down but I hope I can put it down by now… and ever!!

“I knew that u had forgive me,
and u LOVE me lots”


Back to my relationship life… I had also once love a girl that is younger than me 2 years!! And now she already had a boyfriend… what can I say again?? I do feel not nice when I first got the result…. But thinking back again how can I force a girl to LOVE me?? As this happening I told myself to let go!! Cause God had a better plan for us!! Even the answer is wait.. wait.. n wait..
Weng Teik, I sometimes really very admire you, u can wait for so long….. but I will continue to pray for you, that u soon will send me a “Red colour BOOM”
I had met a lot of people when I’m working!! Most of the guys will ask me hey boy how old are you?? I answered … erm I’m 18+ turning into 19?? Anything Boss?? Wow your size is really fantastic!! I wish to have your size to helps me to protect my love ones….. and I sure u have a lot of girlfriend!! Many girls like you right?? With a smile I answered again.. Sir I’m just an ordinary guy with an extra-ordinary body!! In a nut shell I’m just a grown up baby!!
Friends out there, honestly tell you, I’m a single guy until now!! Being single and available!! Yes I knew how to go and be friend with girl that doesn’t mean that every girl I knew I would be together with her!! I want to have friends more than enemy!!

Relationship now-a-days really making me headache!! How do you know that u really love her?? Feel?? I don’t really agree with that!! If following my feel I would want to go after all the girls that I had knew!! To me I go after for character… I feel that I can get along with her and she can get along with me!! Family background not messy…. Character very nice!! Well mannered!! Won’t get angry easily!! Won’t stop me from going sports… but support me in all I do!! She is the one I’m finding!!

In order to become a good boyfriend is not easy! I have encounter that although I’m not in a relationship!! But I tell right here, I would give my best to my partner!! I’ll support her in everything she do!! And I’ll try to remember all the anniversary!!”include her birthday” what I knew is this that I would have to do!! Anything else I’ll learn as I go through the process… cause I have 0% in LOVE relationship!!

Well mother’s day is today!! One year ago, mother’s day I banged my car into a kancil! Nothing happen to that kancil but my car hurts!! Mom gone crazy and that’s the mother’s day gift for last year!! And this year mother’s day special present…. *drum rolls*……..


so what else can I say again?? Thank you mom for sacrificing your CAR for me!!