Sunday, January 31, 2010

SMILEsSs... like i always does!!~

Wow how great it was?! you finally get what am i trying to say!!

anyways in my mind how sweet it's going to be when you finally knows what i'm trying to say....

what a sad thing in moments where i got back my negative answer where i don't wish to have it from your mouth!!

maybe you're still in love with your previous boyfriend!! Or you just wanted to enjoy your single life!! ~i respect your decision!~

Anyways don't try to stop me from doing my part..... don't try to stop me where i wanted to fetch you back from college!! and i always hate people stopping me!! if you stopped me i'll usually will try my best to do whatever it is to get what i wanted to do!!

well it's not as scary as how you think in your mind hehe^^

just take care of yourself and don't treat me as a stranger!! cause i'm not!!

yeah~ don't ever try to stop me from loving you!! i don't know what will i do when thing comes to a worst situation!!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Ding Dong Bell... Bell Dong Ding...

hey is my boy girl relationship bell ringing?? ohh i hope it was!!

i had a great day with you!! although is really boring waiting there... but i'm really happy to be with you!! ♥

i hope you love the present i gave it to you!!^^ Wear it ya!!

Sorry i can't drop by your party just now!! My practice ended late!! i know you won't mind cause you didn't planned to invite me!!! T.T

anyways i'll always remember the time we had passed together...♥

9 12,15,22,5 21 19,5,5 11,8,5,5- sooner you'll understand and get what i'm trying to say...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


SCORPIO - The Addict
EXTREMELY adorable. Loves to joke. Very Good sense of humor. Will try almost anything once. Loves to be pampered. Energetic. Predictable. GREAT kisser. Always get what they want.. Attractive. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Loves to party but at times to the extreme. Loves the smell and feel of money and is good at making it but just as good at spending it! Very protective over loved ones. HARD workers. Can be a good friend but if is disrespected by a friend, the friendship will end. Romantic. Caring..


I use to think lots!! thinking that what is coming up right up next?? usually all funny or foolish stuff!! yes i like to fool around joke around... crazy me... i love to make people laugh.. i love seeing people laugh!! when someone's laughing i feel very happy^^... is true!!

it's made me think of my form 4 having a part-time company!! is an inside joke.... maybe if jeradyne view my post she can recall lolx....

nvm cut those nonsense.... maybe is because i love to fool around joke around that make me not serious in life!! but i can tell you somethings in my life i take it seriously and thats my 'adat' in life!! i might be funny in front of you but i tell you now i always take our time together seriously!! i don't know whether i'm talking to the sea or ocean or myself!! i wish u view my post!!

i cannot promise you anything here.... i cannot promise you that i'll be a good BOYfriend of yours.... i cannot promise u i can be a guy that 24 hours ready for your call and be there to fetch you... i cannot promise you that i can go get the breakfast you like and deliver it to you early in the morning but i tell you i can promise you that is i will take care and protect you with my huge body until my last breath in life!!

i will do my best to be a reaponsible and encountable boyfriend of yours!! i might not be the best you want but i can be better!! i love to see you smile^^ your sweet smile!! your smile sometimes really make my day!!

for now i have really no guts to tell you that three word that u would wanted to listen!! or maybe u just treat me as a big brother ... bla bla bla.... i don't know... but what i know is i don't treat you as a little sister!!

seriously i'm really damn emotional..... it's been almost feel of my post is posting bout you!! i bet i'm just post the sake of posting it and you won't even try clicking my blog.... aww... how negatively i'm thinking now!! i really think too much!!

From far i saw your face,
From that moment of time you turned away,
How negatively i'm thinking at that very moment,
How romantically you're thinking how your lover gonna give supprise to you,
Sadly me thinking and day dreaming,
Blestly you enjoying your suprise...

as long the days goes by.... i been hardly thinking bout you.... as long i'm still alive i'll always keep my promise...

This is from ME to YOU

Monday, January 25, 2010


yin torng... i think hardly that few years back we enjoy together with a last minute performance together.... i really enjoy those time man!!

this is the song we performed!! Y.T with the piano and i'm with my DRUMS..... while no one's singing!! haha is kinda romantic song.... hope u guys will understand the song and fell the song....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

heroes of all hero....
these few days i know you're tired... and i already try not to keep sms u.... but i can't control myself... maybe i'm over worry about you!!

i know i'm a very annoying person!! thats y one of my sister don't even talk to me until now!! arghh~ nvm nvm cut those craps...

i know you have transport problem!! going home from college!! no doubt if i have a car i'll surely wait for you!! but you say you mom wanted you to take taxi... honestly that makes me more worry about you!! alamak don't know why lah... i'm getting myself into it.... someone please drag me out!!

anyways i go and fetch you is because i wanted to have a time with you!! just me and you!! i don't expect anything for return but i can have a time with you... i'm happy!! i'm really regret that i didn't talk much with u in our late trip.....

i hope next time i would have a great time with you....

I MIZZ YOU.....:-)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


i've been dreaming these days... maybe is because those pressure i have and i cannot release it!!

well yesterday i dream bout something that is really like reality!!

honestly i scare high!! some phobia but i can't rememebr what the phobia name!!

i dream that i sat at a cable car!! and the ground can see through.... is like just a mirror!! wow when i looked down-wards!! i cannot think of something!! later on i try to observe!! there is something unusual going on!! that bloody cable car that i'm on it had no way out!! alamak~ than finally my phobia gone for some reason!! and i don't know why!! i kinda enjoy up there looking down and seeing humans rushing here and there... rushing for public transpot!! maybe there is the time i'm at heaven looking down to the land that GOD had created!!

And out of a sudden i dream another funny thing....

as usual i love driving and i once told my friend my dream car for now is EVO10... there is a work going on... is like berjaya hill time challenge but this is a rally time challenge!! that guy call on me... and he threw me the car key!! he said drive it!! than i drove it like mine!! the race no prize giving ceremony and i drove it to a food court!! once i go down to get myself a drink i saw my little sister that has not been talking to me until now!! i really miss her!! no names here so ask me in private haha!! anyways she approce me by sudden!! i feel so suprise!! and she called my nickname!! she's totally not her!! thats what i feel!! but anyway in this dream i recall her sweet voice that had called me brother during my secondary school days!!

she is my sister... last time , now , and future she also will be!! i still treat u as my sister and i love you very much!! really really very much!! i hope u understand how much i miss you!! what i want to hear for now from you is just a word!! a word will make me fall my happy tears!!

to all my sisters i love you!! no doubt ya haha^^


Sunday, January 10, 2010


as everyone know what am i studying... to those who don't know.. i'm studying mechanical engineering!! the name sound nice in other fact i can be just a mechanic down the street helping people to repair cars...

As everyone who close to me knows that i hate study and remember stuff!! especially exam!! i hate exam cause eveytime i prepare everything and can remember what i study.. once i step into the examination hall i forget everything!! if you would to ask me before the exam i can answer you!! start exam i forget everything!! i don't know y and i have short-term memory!! what i can remember now is this and later on i forget!! i'm really scare!! maybe imy brain is like those late chinese say.. head big only fits grass!!

hmm so thats my problem!! anyway i'm really a 0% guy in my studies when i first start!! but now i guess i fill around 25% of it?? or less?? i not sure!!

just one day i ask Gordon about a recovery mechine thing... than he ask me a question that struck my heart!! What for you come to college?? Are you paying attention in class?? Do u really study?? and i cannot search for an answer to answer him!!

this really struck my heart!! and until now i'm still doubting!! should i continue or should i stop?? should i work or should i study something else?? anyway to those who read this post of mine please kindly pray for me!! i know GOD will show the way to me!! he will show me and guide me ... that is a thing i'm asure of!! that i do!!

well for now i'll put more effort to study and try to remember everything that i learn!! help me guys!! please scold me when i'm playing afool in class or outside!! anytime when it's serious please remind me or lecture me!! i want to be a successfull guy!! and i don't want to waste my parents money!!

try to help me when i need one!! i'm really begging everyone in class!! i'm really lacking and i'm really a newbie!! i'm not pro!! not at all!! i want to be pro at it!! really!!

everyone know what i dream of!! what i really wanted to be!! and i seldom share!! i love driving very much!! really very much!! well i want to repair my own car!! And if i can support myself!! i would give my church member a FOC car repair!! i mean in workmanship!! part i'll not earn and give u all a direct price!! that is my prinsip and what i said now is for future!! if i'm able to get through now!! that is what i'll do for 2 years!! as a thank giving!!

please pray for me guys and girls!! thank you for your prayer!!

GOD bless YOU!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Hmm~ came back to blogging lately!!

i believe that many people will be "sell-fish" when they are protecting their love ones!!

well i can say i'm one of them up there!! To me , if can save my loves one i cannot believes how "sell-fish" i would be... by now i cannot even imagining how "sell-fish am i going to be... when on to some situation...

well like to win a sports how 'sell-fish' am i not going to pass the ball and keep trying to do it myself ... i know sports is all bout team-work when u're in a team!! Team-work and unity is really important in a TEAM!!! i'm sorry to those friend/team-mates that i not considering u all and keep SOLO!! sorry guys!! i'll reflect back what i've done to turn that game up-side-down!!

just a random posting from me!! "sell-fish"!! i'm out of words and fatigue!! Gonna sleep!! ZzZzZz... NIGHTs

Saturday, January 2, 2010

lossing weight~

well of course i'm fat!! and i did admit it!!

o.k if u would to say i don't have any six pack or something... well i can say to you i have it and it is 6 in 1!! sounds cool but it doesn't!! i know many people call me to cut down some weight... and i did it at first!! just because something happen and i lost direction and i gain it back!! i had once lost 12kg but i gain it back like just one month?? o.k thats the pass!! what has been done it's done!!

o.k what i'm doing now is... because the sake of her i go on diet!! at least i had an aim now!! i bet it not good to use HER as an aim to go on diet but i need!! cause everytime i take supper i saw her face!! how can i get her with those big tummy??

o.k every guys wants to look good!! and if they're slim everything looks good!! and when u're FAT... either an auntie walk pass u saying wow this boy is cute!! or not that auntie will say boy u're too fat go on some diet!! to cut down ur fat/weight!!

to be frank i'm really hurt when i hear/listen to those word but now... am awake!! i want - GET SLIM in the first place!! train my muscle to replace FAT the second place!! can i do it?? i which all my friend will be there to support and motivate me also!! not stepping me instead!!

o.k lord that my first task for the year 2010!! bless me with it!! AMEN~


erm... u did brought me some pineapple tards from taiwan!! and to be very honest to you!! i hate it very much!! since it was from i tried it this morning!! wow it's so sweet and those taste of sweet-ness i have ever encounter is even my heart was touched!! arghh~ i bet she read this post!! is really true!! thank you for that!! i hope u understand what i'm trying to bring out!!

nights everyone!!