Sunday, January 10, 2010


as everyone know what am i studying... to those who don't know.. i'm studying mechanical engineering!! the name sound nice in other fact i can be just a mechanic down the street helping people to repair cars...

As everyone who close to me knows that i hate study and remember stuff!! especially exam!! i hate exam cause eveytime i prepare everything and can remember what i study.. once i step into the examination hall i forget everything!! if you would to ask me before the exam i can answer you!! start exam i forget everything!! i don't know y and i have short-term memory!! what i can remember now is this and later on i forget!! i'm really scare!! maybe imy brain is like those late chinese say.. head big only fits grass!!

hmm so thats my problem!! anyway i'm really a 0% guy in my studies when i first start!! but now i guess i fill around 25% of it?? or less?? i not sure!!

just one day i ask Gordon about a recovery mechine thing... than he ask me a question that struck my heart!! What for you come to college?? Are you paying attention in class?? Do u really study?? and i cannot search for an answer to answer him!!

this really struck my heart!! and until now i'm still doubting!! should i continue or should i stop?? should i work or should i study something else?? anyway to those who read this post of mine please kindly pray for me!! i know GOD will show the way to me!! he will show me and guide me ... that is a thing i'm asure of!! that i do!!

well for now i'll put more effort to study and try to remember everything that i learn!! help me guys!! please scold me when i'm playing afool in class or outside!! anytime when it's serious please remind me or lecture me!! i want to be a successfull guy!! and i don't want to waste my parents money!!

try to help me when i need one!! i'm really begging everyone in class!! i'm really lacking and i'm really a newbie!! i'm not pro!! not at all!! i want to be pro at it!! really!!

everyone know what i dream of!! what i really wanted to be!! and i seldom share!! i love driving very much!! really very much!! well i want to repair my own car!! And if i can support myself!! i would give my church member a FOC car repair!! i mean in workmanship!! part i'll not earn and give u all a direct price!! that is my prinsip and what i said now is for future!! if i'm able to get through now!! that is what i'll do for 2 years!! as a thank giving!!

please pray for me guys and girls!! thank you for your prayer!!

GOD bless YOU!!

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