Sunday, January 31, 2010

SMILEsSs... like i always does!!~

Wow how great it was?! you finally get what am i trying to say!!

anyways in my mind how sweet it's going to be when you finally knows what i'm trying to say....

what a sad thing in moments where i got back my negative answer where i don't wish to have it from your mouth!!

maybe you're still in love with your previous boyfriend!! Or you just wanted to enjoy your single life!! ~i respect your decision!~

Anyways don't try to stop me from doing my part..... don't try to stop me where i wanted to fetch you back from college!! and i always hate people stopping me!! if you stopped me i'll usually will try my best to do whatever it is to get what i wanted to do!!

well it's not as scary as how you think in your mind hehe^^

just take care of yourself and don't treat me as a stranger!! cause i'm not!!

yeah~ don't ever try to stop me from loving you!! i don't know what will i do when thing comes to a worst situation!!

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