Tuesday, January 12, 2010


i've been dreaming these days... maybe is because those pressure i have and i cannot release it!!

well yesterday i dream bout something that is really like reality!!

honestly i scare high!! some phobia but i can't rememebr what the phobia name!!

i dream that i sat at a cable car!! and the ground can see through.... is like just a mirror!! wow when i looked down-wards!! i cannot think of something!! later on i try to observe!! there is something unusual going on!! that bloody cable car that i'm on it had no way out!! alamak~ than finally my phobia gone for some reason!! and i don't know why!! i kinda enjoy up there looking down and seeing humans rushing here and there... rushing for public transpot!! maybe there is the time i'm at heaven looking down to the land that GOD had created!!

And out of a sudden i dream another funny thing....

as usual i love driving and i once told my friend my dream car for now is EVO10... there is a work going on... is like berjaya hill time challenge but this is a rally time challenge!! that guy call on me... and he threw me the car key!! he said drive it!! than i drove it like mine!! the race no prize giving ceremony and i drove it to a food court!! once i go down to get myself a drink i saw my little sister that has not been talking to me until now!! i really miss her!! no names here so ask me in private haha!! anyways she approce me by sudden!! i feel so suprise!! and she called my nickname!! she's totally not her!! thats what i feel!! but anyway in this dream i recall her sweet voice that had called me brother during my secondary school days!!

she is my sister... last time , now , and future she also will be!! i still treat u as my sister and i love you very much!! really really very much!! i hope u understand how much i miss you!! what i want to hear for now from you is just a word!! a word will make me fall my happy tears!!

to all my sisters i love you!! no doubt ya haha^^


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