Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I use to think lots!! thinking that what is coming up right up next?? usually all funny or foolish stuff!! yes i like to fool around joke around... crazy me... i love to make people laugh.. i love seeing people laugh!! when someone's laughing i feel very happy^^... is true!!

it's made me think of my form 4 having a part-time company!! is an inside joke.... maybe if jeradyne view my post she can recall lolx....

nvm cut those nonsense.... maybe is because i love to fool around joke around that make me not serious in life!! but i can tell you somethings in my life i take it seriously and thats my 'adat' in life!! i might be funny in front of you but i tell you now i always take our time together seriously!! i don't know whether i'm talking to the sea or ocean or myself!! i wish u view my post!!

i cannot promise you anything here.... i cannot promise you that i'll be a good BOYfriend of yours.... i cannot promise u i can be a guy that 24 hours ready for your call and be there to fetch you... i cannot promise you that i can go get the breakfast you like and deliver it to you early in the morning but i tell you i can promise you that is i will take care and protect you with my huge body until my last breath in life!!

i will do my best to be a reaponsible and encountable boyfriend of yours!! i might not be the best you want but i can be better!! i love to see you smile^^ your sweet smile!! your smile sometimes really make my day!!

for now i have really no guts to tell you that three word that u would wanted to listen!! or maybe u just treat me as a big brother ... bla bla bla.... i don't know... but what i know is i don't treat you as a little sister!!

seriously i'm really damn emotional..... it's been almost feel of my post is posting bout you!! i bet i'm just post the sake of posting it and you won't even try clicking my blog.... aww... how negatively i'm thinking now!! i really think too much!!

From far i saw your face,
From that moment of time you turned away,
How negatively i'm thinking at that very moment,
How romantically you're thinking how your lover gonna give supprise to you,
Sadly me thinking and day dreaming,
Blestly you enjoying your suprise...

as long the days goes by.... i been hardly thinking bout you.... as long i'm still alive i'll always keep my promise...

This is from ME to YOU

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