Sunday, February 28, 2010


hmm i did know how myself will react in certain situation!! it really shocked me how i reacted lately!!

hmm... i guess this is a hidden me!! i hope it won't happen again!! i feel bad when seeing my friend and my enemy hurted by me!! and once again i say to everyone that i hurted before!!! SORRY....

it's from the bottom of ma HEART!!...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Foreman Life!!

i cannot believe a foreman is so challenging....

it is totally diff. from college teaching!!! i can say it is 10 times harder!!

today is my third day of becoming a trainee foreman!!

if anyone who do view my blog please pray for me!!

i appreciate that!!^^

Sunday, February 21, 2010


wow... it really scare the hell out of me man!!! really out of sudden i got something unusual....

but nvm everything had got a clear answer!!

i hope the slipper i gave to you.... you'll like it!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Really '???'

ohh no.... i cannot believe it..... it's like happen just suddenly!!

hang on izzit some misunderstanding here?? i'm freaking blur and cannot understand!! please let me know at least i can know what is happening!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

friday!! 19-02-2010

woke up early in the morning to get some SIT doc... later on have lunch with ah fai....


Go pasar malam with her but.... all still on CNY mood.... not much stall open!! so she say she drop by my house a while and get her valentine present!!

SWEET 100plus.....

auntie came back from USA ... so glad to see her doing well.....

and lastly SLEEP... bed time nights everyone!!

copied from TENG~

Please note :

Answer Honestly!!!! Do NOT read ahead!!!! It will ruin it!!!!

1. You are walking to your boy/girlfriend's house. There are two roads to get there. One is a straight path to take you there quickly, but is very plain and boring. The other is significantly longer but is full of wonderful sights and interesting things. Which one do you take to get your significant other's house, short or long?

2. On the way you see 2 rose bushes. One is full of red roses, the other full of white. You decide to pick 20 roses for your boy/girlfriend, of any color combination. What number of white and red do you pick? (you can pick all of one or any combo of the two).

3. You finally get to their house. A family member answers the door. You can have them get your boy/girlfriend or go get them yourself. Which do you do?

4. You go up to you boy/girlfriend's room, but nobody is there. You decide to leave the roses. Do you leave them by the windowsill or on the bed?

5. Later, it's time for bed. You and your boy/girlfriend go to sleep in separate rooms. In the morning when its time to wake up you go in their room and check on them. When you arrive, are they awake or asleep?

6. Now it's time to go back home. Do you take the short, plain road or the longer, more interesting road?


1. The road represents your attitude towards falling in love. If you take the short road, you fall in love quickly and easily. If you take the long road, you take your time and do not fall in love as easily.

2. The number of red roses represents how much you give in a relationship, while the number of white represents what you expect in return. For example, if you chose 18 red and 2 white, you give 90% and expect 10% in return.

3. This question represents your attitude towards handling relationship problems. If you asked the family member to get you significant other, then you like to avoid problems and hope that they will solve themselves. If you went to get them yourself, then you are a more direct person and like to work out problems immediately.

4. The placement of roses determines how much you like to see your boy/girlfriend. Placing them on the bed means you like to see them a lot, while placing them on the windowsill means that you are alright with not seeing them as much.

5. This is representative of your attitude towards their personality. If you find them asleep, you love your boy/girlfriend the way they are. If you find them awake, you expect them to change for you.

6. The road to home tells how long you stay in love with someone. If you chose the short road, you fall out of love easily. If you chose the longer one, you will tend to stay in love for a long time.

wow i din know i'm such a person until i took it!! lolx.... i knew myself better~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Chinese no Year!!!

hahaha~ every year i am looking forward of collecting ang pau's from uncle auntie!! but this year like so down.... like no energy!!

o.k this is some update form me this pass week!!

erm saturday night reunion dinner!! fetched Jeffery to get playing cards!!

Sunday~ weared my cool chinese 'cheong sam' to my grandma house!! later on after lunch went IOI mall to watch a new year movie with family!!!
[My family , Grandpa , Auntie , Peter's family , and one more person!! i don't know his name but everyone called him shorty!! so... nvm i'm not that bad!! an elder brother that some sort like 'related' to us Lee family!!]
suprisingly Grandpa ask me for the ticket!! Haha bearly can date my grandpa out!!
drove Toyota Hilux to seremban to visit relatives!! nice ride!! 120-140 km/h!! saw a lotus!!

monday... went kuchai lama for 'dim sum'....

tuesday went time square with parents and cousins!! cousins came back from kuantan and had high tea at berjaya time square hotel!! Big Apple!! the food not really tasty!! very weak in customer servise!!
*had a great 2 hours talk with Winnie that leng lui!! o.k thank you and LOVE YOU n your family much!!*

wednesday... went serdang 'leong nga' for lunch and continue fustal..... really i got to say GG...
at night went friend's open house and benji's house!!

thursday.... went puchong New way.... wow... great gathering of al times!! went belakong to pay a visit to Joshie's house!!! and back to serdang 'Ah Let' for dinner!!

Friday.... firstly
Evon Lim Jia Mei...
HappY BirthdaY...

than ...
*to be continue.....*

Sunday, February 14, 2010

i want you to want me!!

sound so rude!! ^^ anyways you know who am i!! i hate forcing people!! so u should have know i'm a slow person in action!!

u know until now i still cannot forget YOU!!~

arghh~ i also don't know lah!! maybe i'm late for that chance or maybe i don't even have that chance i'm waiting!! Nvm Nvm i believe sooner one day i'll get the chance i wanted!!

wish myself a happy valentine day and happy chinese new year!! ~^^

EMO~ kao kao... geh Zheng Hong!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I Believe had changed to I CAN'T Believe!!

i seriously cannot believe that i stay till late at night to D.I.Y a valentine gift to you and you just said two word to me~...


than end of our conversation!! arghh~ i expected more!! but turn out sucked!!

Nvm what had i done had just DONE~

Zheng Hong Lee Joel stop thinking of the past and take a step forward and see the world!!!!
wow.... SO DIRTY....~

=.=||| ~swt~

Is Hard To Say M SORRY~

hmm friends... I know is really a hard time being with me!!

my character is BAD ... and i knew it!! i have made some of my friend SAD... HATE ME... or Changed 2 ENEMY.... even my sister treat me like stranger!! i'm really sad and EMO~ currently!!

i here now would want to apologize to all my enemy and friends that i had provoke them to throw their anger to me!!


Sorry Seems To B The Hardest Word-Elton John!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Coming acrosS~

these days i don't know why am i so Emo~ that i always sneak to my mom's computer and listen those Emo chinese song!!

than later on M.J's song had played!! I bet we knew who he was!! He is the guy that rule the world with cool pop song when he's in his perfect form!! and he had been given the name King Of Pop!!

I love him very much!! i seriously envy his dancing skill~~... I wish I'm him!! who don't wish he himself like M.J having a talent of dancing.... erm yeah he is not Micheal Jordon but He Is Micheal Jackson!!

i know thats lame!! but he is really great!! and until now i don't believe that he do those bad stuff towards children!! He love the world and the children!! so i don't believe he will do something like that!! i should say until the day he dies i still don't believe!! but when him funeral that guy confess something and he did forgive by M.J i guess!!

o.k o.k the point i wanted to say is....

remember when M.J passed away?? Everyone in the world shaked and everyone started to download his song buying his album.... bla bla bla~ but whoever will care when he is alive?? will the world shaked when he retired?? not coming out for concert and stuff?? do the world remember him so offen?? i don't really think so...

or make it simple~ do we think bout him when he's newsless?? everyone is gossiping about how bad he was doing those unclean stuff.....

in this situation is same to us christian!! Did we think about God in every moment in our life?? or just think bout him where we at church on saturday sunday and where we at cell group?? or we are in trouble!!

maybe i'm wrong toward those that loyal and think bout God everyday in life!! no offen to them but when i'm updating this.. i'm reminding myself!! i hope thse who view this post will reflex how offen we think about GOD



Febuary 14~

i always wanted to celebrate with you~ and i bet u knew it!!


CNY lu maybe after that lah~ wakakakakaka^^

Monday, February 1, 2010

默契- I ♥ IT

就是离别过 就是怀念过
就是常做错 就是求自我
从年月里 能全部看清楚
由始至终 只有你一位
难以代替 得多仔细
明天世间 怎去作估计
和你默契 爱一生一世
谁人及你 等于我一切

wow i LOVE the lyrics!!


还介意我眼泪 还介意我憔悴
让我尽情流泪 泪乾了不再后悔


哦 可惜爱不是几滴眼泪几封情书 哦---
哦 可惜爱不是忍着眼泪留着情书 哦---
哦 可惜爱不是几滴眼泪几封情书 哦---
哦 可惜爱不是忍着眼泪留着情书 哦---

pls NOTICE m3~

well i update my blog so often these days cause i wanted to have your notice and keep update me!! but will you??

nvm nvm!!

Guys i have two choice by now!!
-Subaru Impreza
-Lancer 2.0GT

which sould i choose?? please tell me!!!!!!!!

i more to Lancer cause subaru gave me a bad testimony.....