Thursday, February 4, 2010

Coming acrosS~

these days i don't know why am i so Emo~ that i always sneak to my mom's computer and listen those Emo chinese song!!

than later on M.J's song had played!! I bet we knew who he was!! He is the guy that rule the world with cool pop song when he's in his perfect form!! and he had been given the name King Of Pop!!

I love him very much!! i seriously envy his dancing skill~~... I wish I'm him!! who don't wish he himself like M.J having a talent of dancing.... erm yeah he is not Micheal Jordon but He Is Micheal Jackson!!

i know thats lame!! but he is really great!! and until now i don't believe that he do those bad stuff towards children!! He love the world and the children!! so i don't believe he will do something like that!! i should say until the day he dies i still don't believe!! but when him funeral that guy confess something and he did forgive by M.J i guess!!

o.k o.k the point i wanted to say is....

remember when M.J passed away?? Everyone in the world shaked and everyone started to download his song buying his album.... bla bla bla~ but whoever will care when he is alive?? will the world shaked when he retired?? not coming out for concert and stuff?? do the world remember him so offen?? i don't really think so...

or make it simple~ do we think bout him when he's newsless?? everyone is gossiping about how bad he was doing those unclean stuff.....

in this situation is same to us christian!! Did we think about God in every moment in our life?? or just think bout him where we at church on saturday sunday and where we at cell group?? or we are in trouble!!

maybe i'm wrong toward those that loyal and think bout God everyday in life!! no offen to them but when i'm updating this.. i'm reminding myself!! i hope thse who view this post will reflex how offen we think about GOD



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