Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Chinese no Year!!!

hahaha~ every year i am looking forward of collecting ang pau's from uncle auntie!! but this year like so down.... like no energy!!

o.k this is some update form me this pass week!!

erm saturday night reunion dinner!! fetched Jeffery to get playing cards!!

Sunday~ weared my cool chinese 'cheong sam' to my grandma house!! later on after lunch went IOI mall to watch a new year movie with family!!!
[My family , Grandpa , Auntie , Peter's family , and one more person!! i don't know his name but everyone called him shorty!! so... nvm i'm not that bad!! an elder brother that some sort like 'related' to us Lee family!!]
suprisingly Grandpa ask me for the ticket!! Haha bearly can date my grandpa out!!
drove Toyota Hilux to seremban to visit relatives!! nice ride!! 120-140 km/h!! saw a lotus!!

monday... went kuchai lama for 'dim sum'....

tuesday went time square with parents and cousins!! cousins came back from kuantan and had high tea at berjaya time square hotel!! Big Apple!! the food not really tasty!! very weak in customer servise!!
*had a great 2 hours talk with Winnie that leng lui!! o.k thank you and LOVE YOU n your family much!!*

wednesday... went serdang 'leong nga' for lunch and continue fustal..... really i got to say GG...
at night went friend's open house and benji's house!!

thursday.... went puchong New way.... wow... great gathering of al times!! went belakong to pay a visit to Joshie's house!!! and back to serdang 'Ah Let' for dinner!!

Friday.... firstly
Evon Lim Jia Mei...
HappY BirthdaY...

than ...
*to be continue.....*

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