Monday, December 3, 2012


Sunday, September 23, 2012


In these years really blessed having a life with all family & friends supporting me all way long~

Thank you for everything, but today I really break down and cry... a long years friend being such a jerk using me like an idiot, knowing all thing that I've done is such an idiot way.....

Making me doing this and that but end of the day he is the one taking up all the credits~

You really break my heart, make me down & can't even hardly breath.....

Sorry I'm done with all those foolish things that I've done. Don't ever use me, our friendship bye bye.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Am i a PERFECT person?

How to define a perfect person on earth?
Friends do tell be about perfect 10... But so far only one man on earth there's perfect i believe some of the people would know who is he.

How people can define perfect?

-physically fit
-mentally fit

????? can anyone tell me ?????
it's still a maze....

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

~River Flows In You~

How special a day when God created?
How special an hour God created?
How special a minute God created?
How special a second God created?
How special a millisecond God created?


What can you do when people hurt from behind?
It's not easy for other people to know what you had define with the customer & run away when your shit comes back to look for you....

You can RUN , but you can't HIDE!!
Beware smart ASS~

the previous post that i had update is really wasted cause suddenly the system error, wasted all my time to update! anyways is really great to have 2 stuburn grandparents that we should take care of....

Start with my granfather, how happy to have a grandfather that so ONs everytime to go hunting & fishing.... A healthy guy like him, i really respect but in return there's many more things we need to be aware of. An old folk like him, i believe where a person gets old our eye sight would be weaker then usual, but my respectable grandfather doesn't accept the truth & get the car into the longkang~ how happy as his sons need to be awake during the midnight to help him to pull back the car? How happy would his grandchildren would be to know his grandfather in dangger during those happy time he's enjoying turn to be in disaster??

My grandmother, how happy to have a grandmother that will cook all the nice & tasty food for her grandchildren to eat.... but now, a sad thing that her leg is weak enough that would not support her whole body. As her children & grandchildren had advice to use tongkat.... Her face really can't put down to accept that she's old enough that she really need something else to support her leg & body....

how happy to have a father that stop scolding his son for not coming back early. I would get to know that he already tired of scolding me for that but is a good thing that he doesn't really stopping me to go anywhere else but only in one condition... I NEED TO BE SAFE! Well of cause I'll^^ And he's really coming up to date that he's starting to use smart phones, so that he can viber call me for free~ how smart is he!!

wow, my mother is the best mother on earth as she can really cook well for his son to enjoy the food! Working all house work out without other people's help include me and my father! Although her leg is getting weaker & weaker still she's able to help herself to manage the whole house, RESPECT! Well my mom is also smart, knowing that she can't really stop me from going out and now how great it is.... she's using smart phone^^ viber me for free and non stop calling me during midnights^^

Glad to have parents would care for me all the time and LOVE me so much~
Sometime you know, parent are always parents they will always say that they are much more experience then us that they can know what is the world doing right now(from the newspaper)~
Well i guess sometimes i would bring them along to Clubbing also :-p

anyways thats all for my family condition^^

My turn,
opps, i'm just me that always love to travel around and sleep~
A sporty person like me, A lazy person like me, i guess my life still up & down sometimes...
About working life, up & down, got good got no good~
About dieting, only down no up~ (forget bout it)
About sports, up & down still~ waiting for calls(competition)
About relationship life, got down no up~(forget about it)

I'm a on going person i guess, travel around the earth if have the chance~
Single & available, as this year just started i hope this year would be a special & wonderful year for me^^

TQ for reading & support~
All The Best In Life & God Bless YOU~