Saturday, January 2, 2010

lossing weight~

well of course i'm fat!! and i did admit it!!

o.k if u would to say i don't have any six pack or something... well i can say to you i have it and it is 6 in 1!! sounds cool but it doesn't!! i know many people call me to cut down some weight... and i did it at first!! just because something happen and i lost direction and i gain it back!! i had once lost 12kg but i gain it back like just one month?? o.k thats the pass!! what has been done it's done!!

o.k what i'm doing now is... because the sake of her i go on diet!! at least i had an aim now!! i bet it not good to use HER as an aim to go on diet but i need!! cause everytime i take supper i saw her face!! how can i get her with those big tummy??

o.k every guys wants to look good!! and if they're slim everything looks good!! and when u're FAT... either an auntie walk pass u saying wow this boy is cute!! or not that auntie will say boy u're too fat go on some diet!! to cut down ur fat/weight!!

to be frank i'm really hurt when i hear/listen to those word but now... am awake!! i want - GET SLIM in the first place!! train my muscle to replace FAT the second place!! can i do it?? i which all my friend will be there to support and motivate me also!! not stepping me instead!!

o.k lord that my first task for the year 2010!! bless me with it!! AMEN~


erm... u did brought me some pineapple tards from taiwan!! and to be very honest to you!! i hate it very much!! since it was from i tried it this morning!! wow it's so sweet and those taste of sweet-ness i have ever encounter is even my heart was touched!! arghh~ i bet she read this post!! is really true!! thank you for that!! i hope u understand what i'm trying to bring out!!

nights everyone!!

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