Wednesday, December 30, 2009


updating blog is a thing that i don't really do everyday but maybe few month one post!! i'm too lazy to type or using some cool grammer to attract ppl to read it!!

in life many things had happen and those things make me grow much more stronger and elder... if anyone would to ask me when i'm in my secondary skul life!! what is your occupation next time?? i would to say becoming a well-known sports man!! but if u would to ask me now!! i would say i wanted to be a man who can earn a lot of money!! in conclusion to b a rich man!!

o.k to cut those craps i would to say i will go to the point where is... as if i'm a rich man!!

1) when i earn my first 10 mil i will give 2 mil to church as thanks giving and 2 mil for church to bless others or sponsor or to help or building fund!! remaining that 6 mil...3 mil i would to use for getting some drawing or stuff to make my house more beautiful or renovate the house or upgrade it or what-so-ever!! just that 3 mil i'll ready for my house!! the rest 2 mil keep for urgents!! 1 mil for family use!! travel or some other thing!!

2) if i would earn another 10 mil... 3 mil i'll use to get a place i can open 5 fustal courts... 3 grass and 2 normal fustal court!! and 3 basketball courts!! 1 for training... and 2 for competition plus training!! well i open this sports center is not to earn any money but to let those who had talent to show it out!! and represent malaysia and make our own country proud!! o.k i'll estimate it around 5 mil to construck the place so remaining that 5 mil... i'll take 2 mil to distribute to those who care for me and raise me up since i'm young!! as a thank you gift!! so 3 mil i'll take 1 mil for offering and 2 for urgents!!

o.k thats only dream!!
a question finally came!! would u think millions is that easy to earn?? to sacrifice those time and work until u die only can get those money from ur sweat and tears!! when i heard this i almost gave up on this 50-50 hope/dream!! but if i don't have dream how can i ever have a target??

and sorry i mention it earlyer is when i earn my first 10+10 mil!! i mean when i can tabungkan all my money until i get 20mil.. i'll do that!! but if church is in urgent to help i would to give when i have to help the church!! certainly i would not get my family member to suffer because of my dream!! cause it is too selfish!!

i know my dream is big so nvm thats my target in life!!

have a happy new life reborn in the year 2010... and somehow i had a feeling that 2010 is also a hard time for me!!...nvm i know that GOD is always there to lead and guide me!!


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