Saturday, December 26, 2009


hmmm... it's has been a long time i didn't update!! bro.. i choose not to continue update your life here cause laziness and not really much guys or girls view my profile!! so someday they will know!! believe me some day i'll post just don't know when!!

not long ago!! i mean one month and 7 days ago!! i'm expecting these few person that i care and love to wish me !! but after a long wait i finally "white wait" in chinese!!

at that time i told myself they just too busy!! but indeed they forget!! i'm so depress!! well jsut for a while!! maybe i thought i do good and remember all i should have!! they would same remember mine!! but nvm it's just a small matter!!

i feel tired!! for now!! it doesn't cure althought i slept for 12-15 hours a day!! and i'm becoming an owl!!

sleeping is the best thing to do!! i enjoy sleeping very much haha!!

well time had passed fast and am now 18!! next year 18+!! but as times goes on more thing for me to handle!! i'm not a fast learner at some feild!! but i'll try my best!! and if i can learn fast.. i can forget even fast!!

friends... basketball to me is important!! will i ever stop playing basketball?? or will i ever stop being a fool?? there is like a lots of loads on my shoulder!! how can i put it down??

finally... is time for me to end!! and i bet myself with cliff and clement!! if the next time they came back from aussie i'm still this fat.. i'm going to pay them a whole day meal!!

P.S :/ guys/friends/family members please stop me from eating a lot!! cause i can't control myself!! i wish to get slimmer and more stamina to run around the court/field!!

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