Thursday, January 7, 2010


Hmm~ came back to blogging lately!!

i believe that many people will be "sell-fish" when they are protecting their love ones!!

well i can say i'm one of them up there!! To me , if can save my loves one i cannot believes how "sell-fish" i would be... by now i cannot even imagining how "sell-fish am i going to be... when on to some situation...

well like to win a sports how 'sell-fish' am i not going to pass the ball and keep trying to do it myself ... i know sports is all bout team-work when u're in a team!! Team-work and unity is really important in a TEAM!!! i'm sorry to those friend/team-mates that i not considering u all and keep SOLO!! sorry guys!! i'll reflect back what i've done to turn that game up-side-down!!

just a random posting from me!! "sell-fish"!! i'm out of words and fatigue!! Gonna sleep!! ZzZzZz... NIGHTs

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