Sunday, April 17, 2011

a time of the dead to rise.....

After half a year finally m back to blogging! Blogging is really fun where you can view your previous updates and think back those happy or sad experience^^

well after for so long, growing up to be a young adult, many things in live i encounter is beyond what i think or dream for! To fight for your dream is harder than getting a life partner! But people do say if you would to willingly take a step to fight for your dream you're on the way to success!!

Being a kid, can sleep .... play .... have fun ..... but geting elder i found out that many things in my life included friend,family,character,politics, etc.

Me and my Family had a strong war few months back, because of my studies, safety, financial, and being a party boy i guess! My family in financial crisis, spending need to have a wise choice, spend not too much in a month! try to save some! No more partying, no more outstation and no more travelling..... petrol price is increasing and well myvi is a car where had big appetite!

Friends, there good and bad friends around me...... few good friend of mine being really good to me and they are always there to support me and encourage me! define bad is friends that betray me..... just one or two of them but still the feeling is not good! Btw take this chance to apologize to Justin & Angeline for the wrong move..... although is nothing but i didn't kept my mouth well so ..... yeah sorry^^

Character? i have no idea, there people i don't like... there's people i like! there's people don't like being together with me, some friend love being together with me! Some screw up and ended up sucked up! well still life goes on....

Politic?? no comment!

well for the first and not last post...... the huge guy a.k.a joel tazzy tasmanian lee says take care, all the best and keep rockin^^

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