Wednesday, April 27, 2011


In this earthly world there's all kind of LOVEs running around for human to seek for!

mainly there's GOD's love, parent love for their children, partner love for a lifetime, friendship love, etc.

i have few of them! For now to be honest i searching for love! is that hard to seek for LOVE?

besides that i guess mainly i should focus on my studies, basketball, health, family, GOD and lastly seek for a girlfriend!

i remember once a friend told me, you can't get a G.F izzit because your own problem?? i think and think and think, i guess desperate makes that wrong move! but i tried many many many moves but still check mate! anyone can guide me in the way to get one??

to make someone to love you is easy, but to maintain the relationship would be a ? there!

there's involve of time, money, family, love, etc.

i have no confident on what i'm doing now.... as getting elder and elder in some sort older than the younger years.... problems and difficulties occur no matter how beautiful your moves is.....

just hope that what i'm going for is the right one that i would worth spending time for......

enough of that headache question!

i remember once a trainer told me! everyone born as a zero but somehow if you find the right path you'll be a HERO!

i'm now number 0 but somehow i want to become a HERO!!!!


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djun said...

you know...a wise person once told your neighbor as yourself..

do you love yourself? >.<

take 1-2 years to groom your outer and inner beauty. build up that self confidence. =)

God bless