Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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说不上为什么 我变得很主动 若爱上一个人 什么都会值得去做

我想大声宣布 对你依依不舍 连隔壁邻居都猜到我现在的感受 河边的风
在吹着头发飘动 牵着你的手 一阵莫名感动 我想带你回我的外婆家 看着
日落 一直到我们都睡着

我想就这样牵着你的手不放开 爱能不能够永远单纯没有悲哀 相带你骑单
想带你看棒球 想这样没担忧 唱着歌 一直走

我想就这样牵着你的手不放开 爱可不可以简简单单没有伤害 靠着我的肩
在我胸口睡着 想这样的生活 我爱你 你爱我

单!爱 ~ ~ ~ 想简!简!单!单!爱 ~ ~ ~

爱上一个人 什么都会值得去做- love a person will be willing to anything/everything for her.

been a long time not updating my blog, for last 2 years blog is kinda famous within my friends... but after that it seems to be like just a page where only me viewing and without new updates.

been doing all sorts of sinful things now-a-days, the relationship with god is so strange, he's like a total stranger to me right now! but bible says that he will never give up on his own children no matter what it takes!

i wonder is there really aliens on earth?? if yes how could the bible explain than GOD created human on his own image, but what if an alien will talk?? well i'm just dreaming!

assignments are holding on me tight now-a-days, basketball competitions coming up, family issue, taking care my cousins and grandparents, church activities, friends yum cha sessions, train back my stamina, drum skills, basketball skills, hand ball skills, how to communicate with a person.

i know my character well and i know sometimes my word might hurt i apologize again! after for so long knowing her, she finally stole my heart away but i can't manage to steal her heart! just another step more.... but trying hard is no used for me...

letting go is a hard thing because i had already step into her life, worrying about her, feel like hug her for times so show care towards her.... but we have our own busy time, sending text to her is like sending it to a wall, with no replies.... worrying that if anything happened to her i should be there but the first person that would come into her mind wasn't me.... how sad it was.....

简单爱 this song i'll be doing a all new MV for it.... is specially dedicate to her.... hope she'll one day understand my feelings towards her...

family issue still the same, financial crisis, me going back late after yum cha, parents worrying me, i'm so sorry towards them... i had not been being a great child... trying to solve this problems, not going out is not my type but still going out using money and i'm in a situation which i need to safe to go out for her.... and family!

i remember that was one uncle told me, after college if you're going to work.... find a job whr can makes you earn plenty of money and great income!

having money but not saving it is a false move, but can i be a man that can manage my family well?? taking care my grandparents let them knowing that their grandchildren will drive safe on the road and no need them to worry?? taking care my parent no need them to be so stressful to take care of a kid that likes to spend??

time is passing by fast and i'm getting elder.... time to face the real world now... face different people in different situation! friend easy come easy go! having a friend will be there for you all the time is so hard! but God provide them for me as this i would hold on to them and appreciate them!

the time that i pass in this 19+ years is really satisfies, have nothing to complain about but just giving thanks that i have family members which care for me and love me!

Gong Gong, Po Po, Pa Pa, Ma ma,

Uncles, Aunties, Cousins,


lastly but not least...



Mahal Kita...[Philippians]

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