Sunday, April 25, 2010

Relationship and Sports Man 'LIFE'

well I'm still single and seeking what is love meant to be!!

when i was form4 .... I can get myself to slim down 12kg in one year!! who helped me?? "She" is the one who helped me to do it!!

Girls again!! what i know besides girls?? sometimes i feel I'm a jerk!! or useless fool!! i always scold by others because of the thing that i had done not perfect enough!! O.k i choose to do something that i didn't come-a-cross in my life!! and i end up let other people scolding!!

i feel myself superb useless!! am i only to GOD i'm useful?? or i'm useless.... totally useless!!! I'd done a lot of things.. that i thought it would be easy for me!! looking and thinking it's easy but when u try to do it.... struggles came in!!

mostly I'd done things that is 'malu' and everyone laugh!! yes it might be good sometimes to make people laugh!! but in me that is embaressing!!

"Everyone is once NOOB,
not all Pro's are borned PROs' "

trying to become pro , we need effort!! practice!! sacrifice!! time!! money!! ... so on and so fort!! whoever wants to become useless!! For now is time to think where could i improve myself or one step nearer to "Pros' "

I had injurd my both legs!! even i'm halfway having my training.... as a foreman!! i cannot stand and squat for long!! if i squat i cannot stand up!! *sigh* man fat people do make a lot of trouble!!

thanks to one of my friend keep me in prayer all the while and praying for me that i would control my mouth not to eat so much unhealthy food and stuff!!

Sophia Wong, Clifford Choo, Edwin Choo, Lian Juang, and friends!! as i promised before i would start my diet program during this year time!! but i choose to start now!!! Firstly i would aim for upcoming basketball inter-yoke nam competition... secondly is for my leg, i'm so thankful to my leg that can hold on to my weight for all these years... thirdly is for that girl i felt in love with, i believe she will not want to had a fat boyfriend with a big tummy walking with her in the shopping mall... lastly is for FOOTBALL, i'm picking up football now-a-days... i'm playing with my uncle's team!! In a nut shell, is for my health!! i want to be healthy!!

Guys do keep me in your prayers!! i appreciate it!! Good night Everyone.....
God Bless ME,
God Bless My Family,
God Bless My Friend,
God Bless Malaysia!!
Good NightZz...

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