Wednesday, April 7, 2010


after quite moment of time i've been slacked out from blogging my dusty blog!!

becoming a foreman is not an easy job!! and i've my size so big.... is not really suitable to repair some small car, example like kancil.... ohh gosh there is plenty to say if i would have continued!!

from last time a love relationship to me is like a must cause i want to get married!! thats kinda foolish~ indeed i'm! i had go after many girls... very very first girl that i wanted to get together is ...... S.M[her name] is not really good to mention names in my blog.... and now we are still friends!! and i appreciate i had her as my friend although we seldom contact each other!! second is amanda, but she just make me going after her a very short time!! well.... the first one i pikat her for few month and eventually i sucked up!! second one, nah don't mention but i'm greatful that she told me she's still keeping that birthday gift that i gave to her few years back!!

o.k third one!! arghh~ i think she is girl that i go after for one year ++~ i honestly apologize for not being loyal to her!! as i'm going after her i try to go after that first girl i'm going after for!! and i regret for doing that!! and eventually it turned up suck!!

during form 5 i go after a girl studied at SMK seri sentosa!! well i guess that girl i had go after her for 1 year + also until one night i finally knew that she had a boyfriend~ wow, sadess moment for that very freaking night!! i emo-ed for almost 2 weeks until my friend cheer me up!! well here i'm thankful!!

i tried to go after a girl in my church~ but now end up we seldom talk to each other!! well am i really that bad or something??[man i can't find a word that can describe myself] well to GOD i'm always special and i agree with GOD!! Praise HIM~

now i currently not going after anybody but just felt in love with that girl~ she is cute, she's not very pretty but i like it^^.... :p and i guess she knew it!! after some misunderstanding things.... our close friend relationship had draged further and now... i sms her, i get nothing~ well loving someone izzit so hard?? y those girls that i go after for ended up suck!!

i believe my time is not there yet!! i believe that GOD you'll provide a suitable one for me!! and now what should i do is to wait!!! correct?? nvm end up i'll answer it myself!!

and for working... everything is doing fine... just tired and need more rest!! please pray hard for me as i need ur prayer..... thanks man!!

take care everyone, all the best to all my friends that fighting for success everyday!!

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