Sunday, October 4, 2009


be4 i post about that friend i'll post some phto shoots that i got in college and i maked up a story for those picture.... those picture is not taken 1 by 1 but random and i randomly made out a story so enjoy... besides that i got a video snap this early afternoon in church while the dancers are dancing!!


Stan : Wai yong u better careful !!
Wai yong : u think i scare u?? MARCUS...[shout frm wai yong]

Stan : Hai-ya [with the rihana-umbrella]

Stan : HUI... open!! and BLOCK!!

Stan : What is this thing?? CHEH !! [he said later on]

MARCUS in action with the paper JET!!

MARCUS aim and shoot....
-so mainly is Stan have some problem with wai yong
wai yong get help from marcus with the paper JET!!
-Stan defend it with the [rihana's umbrella]


continue with the video tooken by me and directed by my god-sister melissa...
ENJOY the FUNNY dance by the blue shirt guy!!
named Daniel and the last special guest TIFFANY

i believe god give us talent and even a guy can dance also..... but some how i still find Daniel dance funnily!!! what a lame post by ME!!

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