Thursday, October 15, 2009

From damansara to K.L

today morning my mom told me ur cousin brother is going 1u after college, u want to join??

*blur blur me said erm anything lah, continue sleeping!!

college run out as usual ntg special happen!! after college i follow Marcus's car to 1u, thx dude for dropping me there!! i just reflex back today got one special thing happen and it is Marcus been raped by Uncle Stan!! haha just fooling around the class like small children!!

well after arriving 1u , meet cousin with phone, got a necklace, and have a meal there! McD again!! i mention it... yes is AGAIN!!! because of that cup!! i'll stop McD for 2 weeks man or for diet sick i'll stop for 1 month!! if no special thing happen i rather eat some light stuff!!

o.k went back around 3.30!! and jam with cousin with noob guitar skills and pro drum skill
s.... we had a great time together huh?? lolx!! than mom fetch me at 4.30!! reach home around 5 and arrive for Lowyat Plaza!! my mom wanted to get a mouse!! i mean computer mouse!! so i went up to the highest floor and get in to a shop!! well at first my mom wanted a wireless one but turn out having problems.... so we wanted to change a new one!! after changing the casher ask for the "resit".... add on with a no mannest casher girl!!

this is how that no manner sales girl talk :-

casher : erm , mana resit??

me : nak yang mana?? yang bank punya ataupun ....??

casher : ohh tak yang company punya....

me : bluring , and stun?!!!

my mom : ohh kita tak ada, tadi tak ambil... casher itu tak bagi pun??!

me casher and my mom looking at the casher girl!!

casher[girl] : bukan saya tak bagi , u tak ambil!!!

my mom : apa kita tak ambil?? u tak panggil mana tau policy u?? kalau u nak bagi panggil lah saya!!

me starring at that casher!!

casher : ohh o.k o.k saya tolong transfer barang ini ahh bagi 5 minit!!!

my mom : mana boleh cakap macam itu?? costomer selalu betul!!


well as i always heard in quiksliver.. costomer always right!! what reaction can i give??!!

well i choose a new computer mouse!! i like it very much maybe it look my dream car ... the shape of the mouse.... take a look man!!

does the front looks like lambo??

after the purchase... i went on to the next shop just beside it and get a price of mp3!!

well after a little bargain me and my mom each one of us got one MP3 !!! picture below!!

sony walkman!! mine is white and orange while my mom's one is red and black!!

wow my dinner for today is a fried rice and a big cup of teh tarik 3 in 1 !!!

rating for today's dinner 2 1/2 star!!

posted by the huge guy in the mid night!! later in the morning i'll be in the blur situation playing badminton with aunties.....

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