Monday, September 14, 2009


i know a girl on net.... well she is 14 this year.....

we sms often!!she seems like a younger sister to me and i don't want to have a younger sister at the moment!! i have 3 for now!![younger sister]

1st younger sister at the moment ntg much going on.
2nd younger sister i guess i made she angry cause she feel me annoying her for times...^^[too boring at that time]
3rd younger sister seldom contact her , she's busy with her assign i guess!!

i love them much!!

i found out this young girl that i knew her days ago we can talk, we talk bout hobby, what guy like to have in girl and what girl like to have in guys.... is kinda good topic!!!

other than her , another girl that i knew her for quite sometime, i start to care for her, we both also sporty person like joking haha she also a good friend of mine!! thanks for some sweet sms and thanks for giving me a chance to encourage you from moments to moments......

thank you!!

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