Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You know i've been worrying you all the time.... since when i'll forget you a second of my mind?? if u say i din call you for sometime ... i would want to apologize but every second i'm having you by my side..... I don't know whether you will have me by your side......??

having a car accident is not a very big deal , but have u getting hurt my heart will get pain but lucky... lucky you didn't get any of it . thank god for that !!! From accidents u can get more experience !!! Trust me...

For now i really hope that i can hug you!! by the way i'm always there to listen and help u if u need one..... I won't forget you any single second in my life.... and i always worrying for my love ones..... u are included !!

i hope i'll sooner be yours and you're mine.......

gtg tomorrow class at 8 wake up at 5.30 haiz..... hate college..... make me can't have enough sleep!!!

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