Sunday, May 18, 2008


An Arabian got interviewed by an US reporter.

US : What’s your name?
Arabian : Abu Aziz
US : Sex?
Arabian : 6 times a week.
US : nono.. i meant male or female.
Arabian : It doesn’t matter, sometimes even camels.
US : Holy cow!!
Arabian : yes yes, cows, dogs, cats..all kinds of animals will do.
US : Oh dear…
Arabian : Ohh, deers are too fast, i can’t catch them up.
US : Oh my God..
Arabian : yea.. I wanted to try but the priest stopped me.
US : Crap…
Arabian : Oh come on, how can i do it with a crab?
US : *stressed* !@$#. Done,thanks.
Arabian : !@#$, bye!

funny ya

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