Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To that HER....

indeed it's a happy day for me!! there is a lot of things that i would want to tell you but once i met you..... i have no guts to say it out!! Aurea i guess you're right i should be a man!!

well today i so wish that the time would just stop by for us both!! but life is all about moving on!!

these days i'm searching for a football club.... i always wish to play for a club!! as a newbie!! i had a basketball club!! And i got a lot of medal there!! i'm glad i'm one of the player!!

now i started badminton training, that i have not train for like 11 years back!! nvm it's a good start!! the coach seems to like me^^

football is what i aim right now!! although i'm not really good with my feet i believe if a person that puts effort in anything he will be success!!

thanks to my cousin!! i kinda start loving to dance!! cause in dancing i feel it really can express my own self...

and of cause food!! well there is a thing good in malaysia.... is the food!! haha well finally me and my cousins decided to have bbq every end of the month!! thats quite cool, cause i can bbq some chicken wings!! and i'm kinda sad for chickens also!! i mean i felt sorry.... cause i ate them... anyways they do taste good^^

o.k maybe next week i can get a football club!! and october i guess i'm gonna have a basketball open competition, i so wish that you will come and support me!!

i so wish that you'll be there where i need your encouragement!! will u be there?? question marked!!

towards relationship, nothing much bout it, still single and available^^

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