Tuesday, November 10, 2009

interview part-1

This guy i know him for sometime!! So to know him better, i make up a time to interview him... Part-1...

I - herlo bro, thanks for taking out sometime to accept my interview!!

HIM- Oh~ my pleasure...

I- So basically i'll ask about ur life-style and stuff... like your hobby,family,and your idle life...

HIM- Ohh~ sure... are we started??

I- yeah~ so what are u up-to basically in life?? well i would hear the past....

HIM- erm the past?? well i'll start when i'm in the age of 7??

I- yeah thats what i'm curious about!!

HIM- erm when i'm young, i don't love to study, and basically i'm forced to study!! I strongly believes that when a boy don't like to study and parent wants him to get a good or moderate result this particullar thing can stated as "force"...

I- O.k...

HIM-i love to play.. trying new stuff.. like climbing a tree!! which i couldn't!!

I-Haha^^ *smiles*

HIM-ya so in conclusion i love to play and not study!! Play , play and play... i had passed my time like that until i'm in standard 5, my form teacher pick me out and call me to join short-put!! i find it boring!! well before logging in to that particullar sport... i tried badminton,volleyball,100 meter and 4x100 meter!! Badminton i don't really like playing it cause being force to go training!! and the training is *hell*!! well volleyball.. so and so!! not into that sport at all!! maybe i'm tall so the teacher picked me!! well cut the craps and 100 meter and 4x100 meter is a sport that i can do my best... well i still can lead the line sometimes when training!! but i respect my "tai-ko" last time!! i'm one of his best friend at once!! so we do sports together!! will back to that later on!! so later and later having some tasty food, i started to gain weight!! so i'm no longer in the running team!! sad case is i cannot even lead the line anymore!! that is really a big impact towards me!! so i find it curious why my father take a green thing up and down with his hand?? so i follow what he does!! as i stated before, i love trying new things... so i do almost everyday!! and now my hand had a mouse haha as in cantonese!! since then i randomly picked again for sport!! i think negatively why i'm still got pick?? than the headmaster said a funny thing which that time i found it funny!!
"hey boy, do you know how to throw a ball??"
"what?? ball only what... don't know how to throw??"
"o.k throw toward me" than the headmaster walk quite far!!
"and i proudly said, u sure ahh?? after kena u how??"
"i bet you you can't"
as a kid that time i very angry so i throw as hard as possible!! but end up fail!! so the headmaster say, boy i told you right?? i bet you can't!! *silent form me!!* and the headmaster craping around and call us for practise every morning before class started!! so in a nut shell, since young i'm up to playing and sports!!

I- wow at least you're not naughty and play sports thats great!!

HIM- *smiles* well i'm a problem maker in school!! i don't do homework, i cheat mom's signature for report-card... ever-since thats me there is a problem!! haha^^

I-*shocked, with mouth open wide*

HIM-yeah , you cannot judge me now as comparing me to the pass... i'm now changed!!

I- Due to time i'll make this interview as in trouble making in life... izzit o.k for you??

HIM- can you make it clear??

I-erm well so the pass you is not a good example.. so i wanted this interview we make it like a "bad" one and having a solution in the next interview...

HIM-O.k O.k~that wouldn't be a problem with me!!

I- thats great^^ so how is ur primary school life get passed?? just sport?? don't do homework??

HIM-hmmm~ yeah but in UPSR i get a moderate result not too good and not to bad!! make it up to Form 1~

I-ohh~ so how is ur secondary school life??excellent?? good?? bad?? worst??

HIM- to me i'll state it as worst to excellent!!

I- how does it change from worst to excellent?? there is a huge gap there...

HIM-hahaha^^ yeah i know!! and this is where people can see changes in me!! well i'll start from form 1-2 and later on continue with 3,4 and 5...

I-o.k go ahead!!

HIM- form 1 i'm a newbie in secondary school!! i listen to some of my senior, they say mostly form 1 "zhai" will kena bully!! so before starts school i hide myself!! i'm scare!! nervous!! but end up still in the class!! so in my mind-set i'm thinking that if i'm a boss who dare to even touch me?? so ending up joining the wrong gang in school, where seriously will bring my result from moderate to worst!! And form 1 i join my so call gang "main lewat"... late to school, ponteng class!! almost all the bad attitude i had!! u name it and i'm in!!

I-wow thats really amazing you're now different from what u're talking now!!

HIM- well there is cure in life!!

I- continue with ur secondary school life!!

HIM-o.k o.k... so my name start to get more and more popular in school!! as in the 'bad' popular!! everyone starts to talk bad about me in times which i don't know!! i know it when i'm in my form 5!! i admit that sometimes my mouth will hurt a person but i sincerly apologize!! so people hate me, look down on me!! i wonder why are they looking down on me?? i'm doing cool stuff!! well i'm not into those loving kind!! so i play and go on with "cool" stuff!! haha it sounds so stupid!! just STUPID!! And in disiplin board my name is always upthere!! ponteng class!! me again!! almost most of the day i ponteng class!! is too boring for me to stay in class!!

I-let me stop u for a while, "cool stuff" as u stated before.. how u ever find it if now u see someone else following ur track??

HIM- i'll tell him this is wrong!! whether to listen or not that is his problem!!

I-you won't tell him until he listen??

HIM-in that time or when you or someone doin those "cool stuff" you will not listen to a single word that is for your own good!!

I-yeah true true!! you can continue!!

HIM- with those "cool stuff" that i'm doing... is included smoking!!

I-wow!! i cannot believe it bro..

HIM-well i stopped no worries!!

I-thats good .. thats good ..

HIM-o.k so i found it fun where you can play catch catch with some teachers... haha since i say i love trying new thing!!

I-wow u really a brave boy!!

HIM-you find it fun when you're the one who being catch and wasting your own time and your friends time!!

I-what do you mean wasting your friend time??

HIM-well if the teacher was out catching you!! which teacher so good would take over the teacher's class to teach??


HIM-so my life for form1 had passed like that!! starting form 2 life!! same thing i'm repeating it all over again!! until one day my parents need to come school to meet the teacher!!

I-what happen??

HIM- i bully a teacher and the penyelia petang cannot take it [my perangai] so she phoned my mother!! She having a history class with my mother!! counting all the so-called "cool stuff" from the front to the back and from the back to the front!! how fun was it until i reach home and got a BIG present from my parents!! thats the first and the last time!! at that time my mind is thinking if someone would there to help me who will he be?? and sonner i found out!!

I- well sadly this is not the solution one if yes u can share it together.. and i can get some advise from you!! by now i only can patiently wait for the next one!!

HIM- ohh~ yeah i'll clearly state out who help me in my life in the up coming interview i promise!!

I- need to make up a time very soon!!


I- well so how does it end up??

HIM-i started to transform!! after having my helper's advise!! and my first and the best indian friend he lefted school i mean shifted school and he's the monitor of the class!! so i went all the way to the penyelia petang's room and tell her that i wanted to become the monitor of the class and i would want to have a 180 degree change in life!! i don't know why i would want to do that?? well from this incident i've change a lot!! i forget to tell you the penyelia petang is a history teacher that is why she is good in teling stories haha!! my story!!

I- haha... well at least u had the heart to change... thats a very proud thing and a desire thing to do in life!!

HIM- yeah is really having a hard time to click with those who were good and leave all your so-called friend that would not help you when you're in trouble.. and end up point you and says yeah yeah is him not us who does it!! by that time i'm angry even i would want to kill them on the spot!! but end up by now i thank them for pointing my back and says it's me!! if not them i wouldn't wake up and turn!!

I- well i help them to say you're most welcome!! *hahaha laugh together*

HIM- until end of the year i'm having a basketball competition and i have some skill in basketball!! not really weak but still have room to improve!! so back then i know some of a good friend!! where when you're in trouble they will try their very best to help you!! to be honest i almost cried due to some incident hehe^^ so my life start to change .. i stop doing those "cool stuff" , stop smoking , pick-up sport and try to have my studies well!!

I- i'm glad you have a bunch of good friend!!

HIM-as in here i dare to say!! these few friend, good friend of mine nothing comes first before them!! except in GOD n FAMILY lah... other than that sorry!! they will be in my first prior!!

I-i'm sure u are a good friend also!!

HIM- thanks!! so my life had passed to them and with their help i'm totally transform!! this very basketball gang of mine, they won't look down on me!! they helped me!! i'm glad that they are my friends!! and ending in form 3 i'm in the basketball team!!which that is from worst to good!! later on form 4 i'm in the handball team!! and having a solo event which is shot-put!! so studies to me is one side!! sports come first than studies!! form 4 the whole year i'm having sport event!! winning medals... having a great time!! and importantly having lisence to 'ponteng school'!!


HIM- yeah~ ntg much just mom know that i'm at home sleeping not going anywhere else doing those 'cool stuff' again!!


HIM-form 4 just normally passed with good records!! Form 5 started and i'm a prefect!!

I- prefect??

HIM- yeah!! cause i want to get a good record before i leave my secondary so i went for it!! good experience also!!

I-do you enjoy being a prefect??

HIM- sure i do!! haha!! and life passed with competition and cuming finals as stated as SPM in end of the year!! and the life now is rated best!! to me!! i'm very please with my lifestyle right now!! by the way, before the exam one week!! my group of friend tells all the honest thing about us.. from the last until the first!! so i hear a lots of bad record that i need to reset in their mind once again!! and up to now this very gang of mine still rated as my best friend in me!! there are two gang i stated!! one is my brother!! they bring me to the right track and this gang is from my class!!

I-you also have quite number of friends in school huh??

HIM- sure i do haha!! next time if having any trouble can find them for some comment or to lend me a hand??!

I-true also...~

HIM-my classmates says that i sometimes talk something that hurts others.... but i don't know a single thing bout that!! so friends forgive me and i'm trying my best to change myself!!

I-i'm very sure they will forgive you!!

HIM-thanks man... well that is my life from primary school to secondary school....anything else??

I- did you contact your best friend as in two of the gang member of yours?? after gratuating ur secondaries??

HIM- of cause i do contact them!! in he mean time they had their own thing to do!! studies exam assignment and stuff so we will meet once a while in gatherings...

I-o.k i had no comments at the moment and thanks for taking out a part of your time for this interview.... take care BRO...*hand-shake*

HIM-*hand-shake* you're most welcome!! i hope this can help most of the teenage now-a-days!!

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