Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Do blog-ing need any title on it?? nah dun really think so....

well i have started my work several week ago..... felling towards working life is working life can make your life more interesting and in some of the occasion u might easily fall........ in this previous camp i went to.... it really helps me a lot..... although every word that the pastor used is pierce perforate into my heart ..... IF that very day i didn't choose to go i really will felt regret...... before this camp i have many minor problems and questions i would not love to share out to my elder brother in church or some of the church leaders....... but now finally i felt i have set FREE ..... really, really, !! FREE !!

sometimes human loves to have pride in them..... as Pr. Tryphena said in the camp......

"in the next post i guess i'll update about human"
i think i didn't use the wrong word "human"
if yes correct me..... when u read my next post!!
*updated by the spiritual growing hugeguy*

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